DIG DOWN DEEP-Small Details Matter

I am writing this blog based on my tiny research on "Successful People". The books i am reading, the articles i red and the talk i attended and watched comes me to a conclusion that things which keep ordinary people away from successful peoples are basically the small details which matters and  keep them exceptional from others. … Continue reading DIG DOWN DEEP-Small Details Matter


Mentor’s Importance in Life

I want you to think for a moment when things went  really wrong  in to your life I mean badly wrong. It might be; You study for the exam and you failed You might have go for job interview and you did not get it . You took a business risk and you lost all your money. … Continue reading Mentor’s Importance in Life

Microsoft Educator Exchange E2-Learning Experiences

I started my professional Carrier in year 2011 with vision to help the community by learning skills and influencing the lives of others. Fortunately by the start of my carrier I got an opportunity to work with Microsoft  through a partner organization where my Job description was to introduce Microsoft technologies with the educators (Teachers and Students). When I started getting … Continue reading Microsoft Educator Exchange E2-Learning Experiences


How to motivate yourself to do anything As human beings we become motivated when we find a chance to get a possible reward but if the reward we were after seemed to be very distant most people lose motivation and don't feel like completing the task. ... For example, if you had to work hard for five … Continue reading HOW TO MOTIVATE YOURSELF TO DO ANYTHINIG BY M.Farouk Radwan, MSc

Transforming Education Improving Lives!!!

Transforming education through teaching and training is one of the hot topic under discussion by lot of educators around the globe. Learning is one of indicator to transform lives of others. Several research shows that ; "Learning transformation should not be about digitalizing existing learning paradigms and methods," says Pasi Silander, Director of eCampus, City of Helsinki. " … Continue reading Transforming Education Improving Lives!!!

ICT Integration in Education

ICT is an integral part to bring Innovation in our education system.The world has been globalized and digitized. The trends has been changed. Workforce  has been modified. People behavior are changing toward work. Thinking in a broader context, We need to prepare our educators to meet the need of 21st century requirement.We need to develop … Continue reading ICT Integration in Education

Success is Counted Sweetest by those Who Never Succeed…!

To become successful is the desire of every person living in this society but every one has its own definition about success. Some measure it in term of money.Some measure it in term of reputation, Few think that attaining the goals is success and few thought that letting others backward and get the desired results … Continue reading Success is Counted Sweetest by those Who Never Succeed…!