Every One Want Prize But No One is Willing To Pay The Price

It’s general rule in the society that if you want to purchase anything you have to pay for it. Every thing has it’s own worth and depending on the worth you pay the price to get it. In order to get  most valuable thing you need more time to gather the resources that ultimately helps you  to get the desired thing.

Let’s think critically about the successful people around you and analyse the time, struggle and prize they put  to achieve success. Do  they became successful fortnight? Do they have extraordinary mind or skills? Do someone else make them successful? No they pay the prize of what they are today. They spend days and months and years and finally reached at destination. Even Mr. Thomas Edison  who made light bulb attempted  999 times and failed and finally at 1000 times he managed to achieve his goal and when some one asked him how he managed  to fail 999 times? He response to the question is worth listening

I never fail although i learnt 999 new ways to make lightbulb


Progression , growth, financial stability and success  is the desire of everyone but many few achieved based on the prize they paid in term of time and money they spent on the right time on their professional and personal growth. Indeed every thing need times, good things happen at the right time, lets take it in another way and think about the marketing strategies of two international brands (Coke & Microsoft) why these brand are successful and so famous? if we just think only about the marketing strategy of both companies we will come up with the reason behind their success.

Coke is an international brand today but at some point of time the brand was local but they penetrated in the international market keeping in mind the need of international customers like no matter what part of country you belongs to, you will get coke (Bottle) in your respective country  with a rapper on bottle highlighting your country local names i.e coke for waqas, coke for ahmad e.t.c ,that was coke marketing strategy to get more customers in each country but it took time ,efforts and the prize specifically which coke bear at some point of time and today they have millions of customer and returen of inverstement is too huge.

Microsoft is another real world example for us, What is marketing strategy of Microsoft to sell their product/software in the market? When student start studying in the school after few year they started using Microsoft Application ( Word, Excel, Powerpoint e.t.c) free of cost and even the schools download it online for free. when students graduated and starts his job , he demands employer the office application to perform their office tasks (Because he is  only able to work on Office application) . At that point of time , the employer purchased the licensed version of office application from Microsoft which ultimately helps Microsoft to enhance their sales but think about the  “Time” Microsoft took to make their marketing strategy effective.


So if we observe things critically its always give us the clue to change our behaviors and attitudes so my humble advice is very simple be willing to pay the price and be patience, things will comes your way at the right time.

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Waqas Shafique

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