DIG DOWN DEEP-Small Details Matter

I am writing this blog based on my tiny research on “Successful People”. The books i am reading, the articles i red and the talk i attended and watched comes me to a conclusion that things which keep ordinary people away from successful peoples are basically the small details which matters and  keep them exceptional from others.


Imagine , you are going to speak in  a session after eating chicken or meat and a floss of meat stuck in to your teeth and making you uncomfortable during the session, No matter how knowledgeable and prepared you are for the session , a small thing spoil your whole session. Think….. 🙂

Imagine, you are going to present a report infront of your CEO, and did not file it up properly  and did not  make an attractive title pages ,No matter how useful the report is , all your effort might go in vain.  Think…. 🙂

Imagine, going to long drive with you family and forgetting car stepney at the tire shop and your car tyre become flat on the way. Think what will happen … 🙂

Yes small details matters…..Dig down deep and think critically about the small details which we forget and ultimately suffer a lot although  we are putting our maximum efforts to our daily tasks. The small details are always the most important and can bring revolution in to your life, think about your last birthday and weeding anniversary and who wished you , you will surly come up with few names (Those are the people you still remember just because they took a small step and wished you on your special days. Think about you are in a conference and someone call you and announce your name you feel really special.


So my point is very simple just go ahead one more mile , if you really want to be happy and successful , a small step on daily basis give you more wealth and happiness in future. Don’t take any thing for granted, dig down and think about the tiny details critically. watch this Video and search about ” One More Mile Theory” from the internet and become the incharge of your own life.

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