How To Stay Focus

In today’s digital world you have a lot on your plate. Staying focused can be tough with a constant stream of employees, clients, emails, and phone calls demanding your attention.  Understanding your brain’s limitations and working around these tasks  productively is really a skills you require to be successful in 21st century.

Ask yourself this question What I am focusing on? Let’s take it in this way and think  on the below lines;

1- The Vision You Create For Your Life

Sit down and think what do you want to do in your life what is goal of your life?

  • Whether  you want to serve your community?
  • Whether you want improve your family standard of living ?
  • Whether You want to grow professionally?
  • Whether you are looking for a dream job?
  • Whether your aim is  to build a dream house?

Motivation behind pursuing goals is one the most important elements which we are missing. Let’s say if you ask a person why you is going to gym? You might get two type of answers;

1- Just to stay healthy ( there is very little motivation behind this point of view / Vision)

2- If person respond that he is going to gym as being a part of his energy, he needs to move forward to attain goals and dreams , To attain energy to work better for the community and the energy he required to meet the targets so the Vision behind this point of view is worthy as compared to the first response.

so the broader the vision you will have , the more you will be focused on your tasks.

2-Internal Forces

Internal forces is one of the most important elements influencing focus to achieve targets.  Thoughts , Emotions ,Jealous factor, Habit of not doing anything , Inferiority complex these all are internal factor stopping us to focus  so what is the solution ? You need to self-aware you yourself , you need to become pleasant physically , You need to become pleasant with you emotions, Watch Motivational Videos, Read Life Influencers, Make a good friends society , Keep yourself away from negative people as much as you can and most importantly focus on things which you feel worthy in term of your emotional, physically, professional and personal growth.

Also keep in mind that thoughts and emotions you built over a long a period of time they will take sometime to subsidies so don’t rush  just use small tricks to gain the energy you required to focus on yourself.


3-External Forces  

Imagine you are working on a task and districting by face book adds and notification , Whats apps messages , Phone Calls e.t.c and browsing one thing latterly take you from one site to another and you wasted  your 2-3 precious hours with out getting any output. you will also loss your mental  energy  you require to focus on most important tasks.

Let’s talk about how to kill the external forces ,those can be killed by three important factors;

  1. Distractions: Every one have mobile phone but lot of people don’t know how to setup things that keep you away from distraction. For examples blocking notification of whatsapps, Facebook , viber messages and all type of other apps that are coming around really help you out to focus on your tasks
  2. Environmental Distractions: Imagine the place where you are working having big screen with lot of movies albums, equipped with instruments , when you look at them you want to play with that is another factor not to focus on desired task. Keep your work environment clear , the only things you need might be pen ,Notepad, Laptop ,Charges , Charging slot / Extension e.t.c
  3. Saying Yes to Everyone:  its another important factor which divert our attention. Most of the people keep their cellphones on ” Do not Disturb Mode” while working. There might be some important people in your life who want to reach you out during your work hours , you might add their number in the emergency call list, which really help you out to keep you connected with your love ones with less distraction.


whatever step you are taking , just keep check with your vision you set earlier on before saying yes to any one, Every one is in hurry and if some one called you and asked your assistance about another task , Ask him when he need to finalize the task actually? what is the deadline? when the required task needs to be done that will really give you a clear picture and you will be focus on your ongoing task. Add the second tasks in your ” To Do List” and get back to it after finishing the on going tasks but surly before the deadline:)

 About The Author:

Waqas Shafique

Special Thanks: Samer Chidiac


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