Mentor’s Importance in Life

I want you to think for a moment when things went  really wrong  in to your life I mean badly wrong. It might be;

  • You study for the exam and you failed
  • You might have go for job interview and you did not get it .
  • You took a business risk and you lost all your money.
  • it might be a relationship which somebody broke down.

Just think for a moment what was your response what you think at that particular moment when you experience this disappointment with this failure?

The people move around how they reacted and encouraged you. Study, getting degree ,Getting jobs , Earning Money and making carrier might happen with some people easily but not with  all.

So what we do when we fail, when we disappointed when things go wrong. Based on my little experience and research  there are three approaches of failures .

  1. If a person fails, he think he never gone up again he lost hope.
  2. After failure ,If a person came up with the level again where he/she was  before but this time he/she will be more conscious while taking risk or try to avoid risks.
  3. And the third , which quite few number of people are doing is Learn ,come up back again and grow.
Learning Cycle:

                                                Try —-Fail—-Learn—-Grow

This is certainly my story which I want to share here 5 Year Ago i finished my Master Degree I got a job of coordinator in a training consulting company. I started off and I soon realize that my social life gone due to immersive travelling  and the tasks which i was not supposed to do i work late hours but I thought that’s ok  it is carrier so I have to work hard After working a year I became exhausted and asked the manger this is not what I was singed up too, After few more month of struggling I left. That was a time when I don’t had any idea what to do next? So what happened what I was at my carrier down curve it was massy , its painful and it was difficult to tackle the situation.

There are two things which I think are important “PP” Practices and Peoples in the failure.

Practices: how do you eat, how do you sleep, who your friends what are the routines you need to get sense of energy ,fertility and life.

Peoples: If some body gives you energy, if somebody loves you, Accepts you ,Support you spent time with these kind of peoples.

There is one group of people I would like to focus who are really important if you want to learn and grow (See Above Learning Cycle) and those are “Mentors”

There are two terms which we mostly used “Role Model” & “Mentor” but there is a big difference between them.

Role Model: someone who is above ahead from us, who may be alive or dead or we might follow them online, we don’t know them personally and they don’t know us personally but a mentor is different a mentor is somebody who comes and meet us.

I got a very good mentors in my life and I leant from them that how to live a comfortable life. How to face the failures and based on my experience I am going to elaborate the characteristics of good mentor.

A good mentor will always be open as people they will open to possibilities  and ideas, they will be comfortable in their life as a result of that they don’t have plan for your life, they don’t manipulate you they don’t control you they just want you to be comfortable in your life through motivation and support in term of carrier development.

Mentor will be more interested what going on internally instead of outside. Mentor understand what happen inside of you and how your character developed, they allow you to develop your personality and strengths  and making you realize that “Who you Are” .Those are the people who want to see you rising and shining but also are with you when you are disappointed or going through failure.

So finally finishing my talk with the words that  do you know a person who can be mentor of your life if not search and if there is some person with whom you like to spend time “Go and ask them will you be my mentor in a professional capacity.

¦About The Author¦

Waqas Shafique

MIE Expert,Master Trainer & Fellow


Twitter: @ShafiqueWaqas

Skype: waqas-lsh

Special Thanks :SC




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