Transforming Education Improving Lives!!!

Transforming education through teaching and training is one of the hot topic under discussion by lot of educators around the globe. Learning is one of indicator to transform lives of others. Several research shows that ;

“Learning transformation should not be about digitalizing existing learning paradigms and methods,” says Pasi Silander, Director of eCampus, City of Helsinki. “

We have to use technology to develop new learning opportunities and approaches — ways to learn that are not possible with pencil and paper. Learning digitalization can bring significant pedagogical value and increase education systems’ effectiveness and productivity.”

Education systems have learned that technology is not the answer to school transformation, but is a key to effective, meaningful learning experiences in the 21st century.

The successful integration of technology in education is not so much a matter of choosing the right device, the right amount of time to spend with it, the best software or the right digital textbook. The key elements for success are the teachers, school leaders, and other decision makers who have the vision, and the ability, to make the connection between students, computers and learning.”

To scale the transformation process there is a need to adopt the  21st century pedagogy to bring innovate  current education system.













About the Author:

Waqas Shafique

Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer


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