ICT Integration in Education

ICT is an integral part to bring Innovation in our education system.The world has been globalized and digitized. The trends has been changed. Workforce  has been modified. People behavior are changing toward work. Thinking in a broader context, We need to prepare our educators to meet the need of 21st century requirement.We need to develop their skills to survive in the 21st century. we need to generate 21st century learner. Due to intensive innovation in educational technology this is the need of time to shift educators approach from teachers centric to student centric to make them able to become future entrepreneur.

I have trained lot of people on latest Microsoft technologies and the main concern/Question  which i had faced from lot of educators was ;

” ICT is for the computer science related people only how we can fit in it”

and my answer for them was very simple that ICT is a cross cutting subject. You can really integrate ICT in any subject. There are lot of resources/possibilities available online which can really bring revolution in our education system by transforming traditional approaches.Demo session really helped me out to convince them about the importance of integration technology in education.

Recently,I got an  opportunity to speak on the topic “ICT is hope or hype” on Saturday,9th January,2016 in-front of branch heads  of 26 campuses where several point of view  bought under discussion and they agreed at the end that ICT can really bring revolution in our education system.A short glimpse of my training session is below for your kind consideration.

Leaders Conference-ICT is hope or hype

Waqas Shafique

MIE Master Trainer



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