As long as you can breathe , you have life!

We are living in as society where we always believe on assumption without due verification and research. The way we think about things is important in determining how we feel. Depression/stress/tension/anxiety are all result of negative thought which we assume. I would like to illustrate  few negative thought to clarify my stance.


Coming to a general conclusion based on a single event or one piece of evidence. If something bad happens once, you expect it to happen again and again. Such thoughts often include the words “always” and “never”.
E.g. I forgot to finish that project on time.  I never do things right. He didn’t want to go out with me.  I’ll always be lonely.

Filtering (Selective Abstraction):

Concentrating on the negatives while ignoring the positives.  Ignoring important information that contradicts your (negative) view of the situation.
E.g. I know he [my boss] said most of my submission was great but he also said there were a number of mistakes that had to be corrected…he must think I’m really hopeless.

“The good news is these unhelpful thought can be changed”


I had experience  of reading very good article of a philosopher few days back about living a comfortable life and to get rid from the negative thought ;The main theme of that article was;

Faith: Don’t judge your circumstances and possibilities for the futures based on what you are now and whats going on now …….No that’s not a real reality there, If you are going to hard times it is not come to stay it is come to pass. We need to have a strong believe.

Talk yourself :No Matte how bad it is or how bad it gets I am going to make it .You must have patience and engage in consistence action.(Not everything happen when we want it to happen, it does not happen quickly) It just like chinees bamble tree, every day it has to be watered and fertilized and after 5 year it grow up and  then its goes up 90 feet in 5 years and 6 weeks so in order to build the tree to water it ,to fertilize it , to build the reputation, to build the credibility its takes time so you need to talk yourself consistently about these things.

These small things will really make a huge difference in our life .Life is too small , don’t waste it just assuming the things. Be patience, Live your life.

Waqas Shafique


Skype: waqas-lsh

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