Expect Less, Don’t Assume… Get Relaxed!

Don't Assume

It’s a human psychology that every one expect from each other (If you do good with someone ,you will expect good things from others)This scenario is called reciprocity. We all learned as children that when someone does something nice for us, we do something nice for that someone in return. It works well for us and in our society to reciprocate. We have not-so-nice words for people who do not reciprocate. Reciprocating with others establishes relationships whether they are professional or personal in nature.


The expectation of a person may be as follows;

  1. When you will see someone successful ,we start building relation with him just to get our own interest without actually finding out the reason of his success? (As we always believe on shortcuts)
  2. Mostly we measure success with respect to money. ( the richer the people will be, the more he will be successful?
  3. We expect/assume that the people not having good quality life will not be successful?

Building relation and becoming socialize is a great thing that really help you out at some point of time in future and sometimes you will find out a person who changes your whole life in context to;

  • Think beyond the walls
  • The way you  manage things
  • The way you look at work and life balance
  • The way you set Goals and Objective for your life
  • The way you treat peoples.

People says;

“Find Good People and Leave bad ones”

But it should be ;

“Find a good in people and ignore the bad in them”

To summarize ,I would just like to share a personal experiences that socializing and Referencing is not a bad thing  , instead of monetary benefits it could help you out in many ways if we think out of box.

I had interview with one of the organization and the first question which interviewer asked from me was;

From whom reference you are here who reffred you??

I really was not expecting this question , I was hesitant in replying his question because I had  fear in my mind that he will assume that I don’t have any skills , some one just referred  me so that I am here” so I was unable to reply his question confidently.After the interview the words of interviewer were worth worthy;

you was hesitant when I asked you first question  and said very humbly that having a reference is really a blessing  we ask for references because that  other person will refer us about your honesty, about your creditability, about your skills. Reference can only be bad in case your don’t meet the job requirement (Skills and Qualifications) i.e we need Master degree for a specified job  but you have Bachelor degree and if someone is referring and using the other means to adjust you for this post”

At that point I came to know the difference between References and Intercede (Safarish) !

Photo Credit: Samer Chidiac


Raja Waqas Shafique

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/raja.waqas.9

Skype: waqas-lsh

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